American Handcuff Co (Fond Du Lac Wis) L600 Oversized over-boot 'World's Largest' leg irons

These are the world's largest leg irons! Made by the late company American Handcuff Co (Fond Du Lac, Wis). They are the model L600 or L-600.

Here's some info from the manufacturer:
Constructed of half hard carbon steel
Lock parts case hardened and rust proofed
Features 16 lock stops with single and double lock
14 inch nickel/chrome plated chain (23 links in length)
Inner perimeter expands from 12 1/2 to 16 1/4 inches
Serial and model numbered
Equipped with 2 standard keys
Overall length is 23.75 inches
Weighs 19.84 ounces
Lifetime warranty to registered users
World's biggest Legiron

The weight they state is incorrect. My pair I weighed comes to 27.2 oz (772 grams)

These are fit for giants! They fit over work boots, tactical boots, leg casts, snow boots, cowboy boots, making them very versatile. I wear a UK size 10 boot (US size 11, EU 44) and they still have lots of clicks to get them tight enough to be secure. This means there's plenty of room for chunky footware or clothing layers in the case that they're being used in extremely cold climates where they're likely to be wearing very warm footwear and thicker layer trousers etc.

In certain circles, they have been used as neck cuffs, such as in the bedroom or for photo/video shoots of an adult nature. Though someone would have to have a somewhat thin neck to use in that fashion and may not be the safest thing you could use them for..... So beware if you go clamping any sort of cuff on anyone's neck.... You've been warned.

All said, they are really cool and I got them for a good price. It would cost me about £110 to get the modern version of this size leg iron, now made by Chicago but I got theses for under £90 and these are the original real deal AHC brand leg irons. So I am very happy!

Today is Escapology Day, making it a fitting day to upload a video on restraints that people could use to perform escapes.

They have 1 pawl, double locking, have the ditch and peg system which keeps the bow in place in case someone very strong tries to pull outwards to dislodge the bow's teeth from the pawl's teeth. This is something I expect to see on all modern handcuffs (with few exceptions if the metal is chunky and innately less likely to bend by default).

The chain feels the same as my elongated TCH handcuffs. It's a very silent chain with minimal clinking sound at all. I LOVE this kind of chain. In comparison  my Chicago transport chains have a very LOUD connecting chain between the leg irons and handcuffs.

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Enjoy 😁

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