Chicago 3500 Transport chains handcuffs and leg irons

These are the Chicago 3500 Transport restraints, which consist of a pair of handcuffs connected to leg irons. These are seen while prisoners are transported between locations. These (and other types) are also used in American courtrooms. They weigh just over a kilo.

These transport chains are a bit more secure than their Peerless 700CTC-32 cousins (linked in card above the video) because the handcuffs have 2 pawls instead of 1 and the double locking bar is split, making it a bit more difficult to pick.

The connecting ring which is attached to the handcuffs is connected through one of the two handcuffs' normal chain links. This is not very symmetrical and while it looks a bit off, it is perfectly fine and secure. I would just have preferred it if they had connected them by perhaps adding 1 extra round chain link between the normal chain links and use the middle one, so that it looks nicer. But perhaps I am being a bit picky lol.

These are nice. I like them. I find it odd that the leg irons backload but the handcuffs don't... Not a problem but just seems a bit weird. Out of the two, I would have expected the handcuffs to "need" backloading way more than the leg irons! Oh well, this is just an observation.


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