TCH 820 SL Long Chain Handcuffs (7 chain links) for larger people. Includes behind back footage

These are the TCH 820 SL long chain handcuffs. They are the superior (larger size, the same as their 840 speedcuffs) size of the model 800 with 7 chain links instead of 2. This elongated chain makes them very suited for securing people's arms behind their back if they are either very large or have some injury which makes it extremely painful or dangerous for them to get their arms that close behind their back.

The chain on these handcuffs is not the typical type I normally see on TCH. They have more of that metallic-plastic feel which jingles less than usual. The chains are magnetic and real metal and secure but they just feel different and nice.

These have the usual 3 pawl bars for added security and have backloading which makes speed cuffing in a tense situation a bit easier.

The bow alignment is not 100% perfect, but due to how TCH design the ends of the bow, they taper to be thinner at the end which means they are able to seat themselves into the channel in the body of the cuff and affirmatively click closed when you press them onto the wrist. Very nice.

I like these a lot. You never really see these in the wild. I have only ever seen them sold by Nordhandle in Germany. But since I know of these handcuffs existence I ordered them directly from TCH them selves. Along with 3 other items they make which will feature in 1 or more future videos! Not handcuffs themselves but related to handcuffs. Stay tuned!

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