CTS-Thompson 1010C Purple Handcuffs

These are another chain link pair of 1010 CTS-Thompson handcuffs. This time in a purple colour.

They have 3 pawls, but one solid spring which means while picking them, if you pull any 1 pawl down, all the rest of the pawls drop since the spring is not split at any point.

Still, they are good handcuffs. But... the finish quality on the purple coating was pretty bad. It had residue and blotchy appearance. They looked a MESS. But a very very gentle polishing with Peek metal cleaner brought them up nicely. Unlike the yellow hinged pair I have, these do have the colour all the way to the ends of the bows AND they do not smell like Satan's personal plastic factory 🤣. The Yellow hinged ones smell very bad.

They have backloading feature which is nice to get a quick handcuffing of a suspect. However the bow alignment could be better and often it does not ratchet when pressed onto the wrist. It just bangs against one of the cheek plates, which then necessitates you manually clicking them to get them to start locking, which is less than ideal.

But all in all, not a bad handcuff if you can deal with having to possibly to a small amount of polishing to get the finish to look good.


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