Yuil M-09 Indigo Blue Lightweight Handcuffs NIJ

These are Indigo Blue versions of the Yuil M-09 lightweight handcuff.

They have 2 pawls, anti-shim protection, standard handcuff keys work with them and they have some pick resistance too.

They have a nice blue colour. However, the bow alignment is not what I would have hoped and the edges are sharply angular. Both before and after recording I have had to use a diamond knife sharpening rod to lightly take the bur off the edges of the cheek plates (body of the handcuff). The bow is decently smooth on the edges but the cheek plates needed a slight bit of attention.

Not the most comfortable handcuff I have ever tried, for sure. But they do look cool and are NIJ certified.

They are lightweight, coming in at 163 grams.

All in all, I am happy I have them in my collection :) Especially now that I lightly filed off the burs.


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