UZI Pink Handcuffs Model UZI-HC-C-PINK (High class toys, not professional grade, but decent!)

These are the classic pink UZI handcuffs. Model number UZI-HC-C-PINK.

These are what I would call a high class toy. They are a good quality product, though the tolerances are not very good (bow alignment, as you'll see on the video). They do not have mirrored sides, so that means one keyhole is front and one is back when they are placed down on the wrists. This is a common trait with eastern handcuffs, which does not always mean bad quality, but it is annoying. It means they cheaped out using the same handcuff design for both bracelets rather than making a left and a right bracelet.

They have a decent amount of strength and solidity to them, so as a toy, they are very very good indeed. They do not have the peg and groove system for the bow, meaning a very strong person could pull outwards and pull the bow teeth away from the pawl teeth and free them selves. Which is why, given that there is not enough metal for the required strength to mitigate this, they are not professional grade handcuffs.

They take a standard key, which is always good if anyone is wanting handcuffs for "messing about with". Whether that me in the bedroom or for cops and robbers games or whatever it might be. Standard keys working in a cuff means more options to get out if you are stuck (picking them, police helping you out etc).

Let's talk pink handcuffs in general for a moment. I showed a comparison during this video of what people typically will find then looking for pink handcuffs. Flimsy, sharp as hell edges, absolute garbage quality cuffs (I am hesitant to even call them handcuffs they are that bad) with fur on. Now, if you really have your heart set on having fury handcuffs, I would suggest either you make your own fur tubes from material, or buy a garbage cheap paid of those fluffy fury pink handcuffs and take the fur off and put them on a decent or really good pair of handcuffs. I show this in the video. That way you get a decent quality, more trustworthy handcuff while still having the fluffy aspect you might be looking for.

All in all, not too bad handcuffs, as long as you don't want them for professional or occupational use. If you want a good pink pair for genuine on-the-job use, get a pair of pink Chicago 1000 handcuffs. A video will be linked in the cards ( i ) at the top right of this video.



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