Smith & Wesson M100-1 M&P (Military & Police) Chain Handcuffs in Black Melonite Finish NIJ

These are a standard pair of Smith & Wesson M100-1 handcuffs which have 2 special things about them. This is the M&P model, which stands for Military and Police. These have a Melonite (Carbon nitride) finish which provides a similar look and feel as a blued finish and also provides protection from rusting, but also further hardens the exterior metal face to offer scratch resistance etc.

Another thing which makes these special is the fact they have a lever action double lock. Smith & Wesson do some models where you dig the end of your cuff key into the side of the handcuff to double lock, they have their classic window slot where you use the back of the key to slide the double lock across and the M&P have a lever which you can pull using your finger, without needing to use a key.

The double lock lever should work even if you have bitten your nails off too!

Aside from this, they are just another excellent pair of Smith & Wesson handcuffs. Yes, they only have 1 pawl bar like most standard US handcuffs, but these are top notch build quality, tolerances and quality control. A really, really nice handcuff. I like it a lot! Smith & Wesson are trusted by police officers, amongst other brands like Peerless, Chicago, ASP, Hiatt, CTS Thompson and many more.


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