HIATTS 2010 Standard Chain British Police Handcuffs from 1990's

These are an old pair of HIATT / HIATTS (not sure why they had both names in their history) 2010 standard chain handcuffs.

These have their (and TCH) modern smooth domed swivel design and are over all very very shiny. They are in really good but used condition. If memory serves, the condition of these and the finish is nicer. TCH 800 replaced these, though in the early-mid 1990's the police moved to using rigid handcuffs in the UK as their standard issue handcuff. So this style of handcuff would not have been used as often by police once rigid cuffs came into the forefront.

They have the backloading feature, they have 3 pawl bars for added security (a standard for modern Hiatt and TCH handcuffs) and the double lock feature is nice with a defined good click to it.

While their condition is very good, I did have to do some cleaning to get rid of  gunk from use. I have no idea if this pair have been used in a police/security/military capacity, whether they were from a collector or if someone used them for bedroom activities. But in almost every case when buying second hand / used handcuffs I always clean them out with a nylon brush, blast inside and out with PMA Brake & Clutch cleaner (it evaporates and leaves no residue) and sometimes I also blast with WD40 specialist contact cleaner. Then I lubricate with WD40 Specialist Dry PTFE. It's always good to do this basic cleaning and maintenance to sure they are nice and clean as well as continue to work in good condition from the time you acquire them.

A very nice pair of handcuffs. I've been wanting a pair of these again in my collection for AGES and had so many bid-failures over the months lol. But I have some now!


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