Somewhat rare TCH 860 Extended Length Hinged Handcuffs (for when comfort or size matters)

These are he somewhat rare TCH 860 extended length hinged handcuffs.

I have never seen any third party website selling these. I have seen one site selling some old Hiatt versions (they have been out of stock for years now...) but when I had the opportunity to acquire a pair of these, freshly made by TCH, I had to get a pair!

These are rock solid handcuffs, as you'd expect from TCH (Total Control Handcuffs). The TCH860 extended length makes them more suited for larger people when handcuffed in the rear, and they have been used by European courts to add some comfort for prisoners during long transport times.

They are very high quality and good secure, as you'd expect. A nice somewhat rare pair of handcuffs!

They have all the usual modern TCH capabilities like 3 pawls, back-loading. The font and technology for stamping the model number and serial appear to be different. Before it felt like it was stamped into the metal but this seems different, like it's made up of tiny dots which reflect light interestingly. Is it laser etched or something? I am not sure. But I like how it looks!

One thing I thought was odd was the actual branding was a bit inconsistent, not very deep at all on one side and one side was VERY faint and hard to see. But it's there decently on one side.

Over all, I really like them and I am happy to have a pair in my collection!


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