Kyung Chang KCH 010 Lightweight Korean Police Pink Handcuffs [NIJ]

These are the Kyung Chang Lightweight KCH 010 handcuffs in pink colour.

They are a South Korean police grade handcuff which are very lightweight. They have 3 pawls, steel bows, aluminium / aluminum body and come with 2 special keys which are best suited for these handcuffs.

Normal "standard" universal handcuff keys work in these handcuffs HOWEVER, it is crucially important that you get to know which way to turn for the double lock and if you use a standard key, STOP TURNING as soon as you have disengaged the double lock. If you keep turning that same direction after you have disengaged the double lock, the key will be stuck and you will be trapped in the handcuffs. See the video linked below for info on how to try and get out of them if you really mess up in this manner.

Short video of a key getting stuck in the handcuff:

Video on the techwg channel that shows ways to try and get out of the handcuffs and try to get your key out safely:

Kyung Chang handcuffs are very nice, however please do be careful if you end up using different keys in them... The keys they come with are perfect and you have nothing to worry about, but do not be the person on a 999 or 911 recording asking for help because you got trapped in handcuffs using an ill-suited key! That kind of video would go public, be shared and stay with you forever and everyone would know. Not a good image!


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