Intro to LATEST Czech Republic Alfa Proj (Ralkem) 9923 compared to Russian BRS 2, difference/quality

These are the Alfa Proj 9923 single handcuff which is used to attach to cases for secure transport as well as can be attached to a fixed object to ensure someone does not leave an area.

I had one of these years ago and eventually sold it, back when I did not have as good storage options to keep buying more and more handcuffs. These are more of a satin/matt finish whereas the old version was SUPER shiny. Also they have changed the branding design of these and I like it better. I will link a video in the top right to the original video of the old version of this cuff.

These Alfa Proj handcuffs are EXTREMELY SMOOTH. My god, I cannot describe to you how smooth they ratchet! Just lovely.

Also, I have not been able to pick this newer version by individually picking at the 2 pawls, so either I got lucky and got a bit more secure/tighter tolerance version or they generally improved the build quality even further.

They even went so far as to put the same satin/matt type of finish on the chain links too, which is a nice touch. The chain is the type which does not massively jangle, because who wants to sound like Jacob Marley when wandering down the street with a case full of important stuff lol.

Really nice handcuff. Hopefully this particular video serves as both an overview of this new model for you, as well as the comparison to the Russian one.


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