Comparing various handcuffs for securely carrying a case / briefcase, inc the new Alfa Proj 9923!

Well, almost all these handcuffs have pros and cons, except the rigid ones which would have nothing but cons. Things you have to think about...

How long is the chain, will it be visible to everyone?

How loud does the chain jingle and will I announce my presence like Jacob Marley walking down a street?

How secure is the handcuff, can normal keys open it?

Over all I prefer the Alfa Proj (Ralkem) 9923 because it connects to the case via a chain rather than the handcuff having to close around the handle, the chain is not too long, the chain is relatively quiet and the handcuff uses a totally non-standard key, meaning a criminal with a handcuff key who's anticipating to quickly bash, grab & run by using their "normal" cuff key will be thwarted.

The one part which does make more sound is the rectangular connection link. But you could attach this cuff to your case and then put some cello-tape, masking tape, duct tape, scapa tape or whatever else around it just to stop it jangling, since the rest of the chain is quite low noise really.

I am over the moon to have this 9923 back in my collection! An excellent handcuff.


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