ASP 575 Blue Line Hinged Ultra Handcuffs Ultra cuff chain (secure, restrictive, yet comfortable)

These are the newer model of ASP hinged handcuffs. The model 575 Blue Line model. This range is known as the Ultra Cuff or Ultra Handcuff because of the "Forged Aluminum" construction for strength.

This forged aluminium construction is a vast step up from the old polymer over-mold "plastic" bendy models of days gone by. They are relatively light weight (230 grams) however are more bulky in size, so normal pouches might not fit.

All ASP handcuffs are designed to protect the officer/police force by protecting the person wearing the handcuffs. No sharp edges, ability to safely undo to loosen and quickly double lock again via the key, easy access to the keyholes no matter how they were applied to he person, a flat contact area on the bow which increases surface area when applying the cuff, minimising a pressure point which would normally happen when the curved edge would normally hit the wrist. Just well designed handcuffs for security and comfort.

This pair has the high security locking mechanisms, as indicated by the blue double lock indicator. Yellow is basic, green is medium (europe grade), blue is maximum security (normal keys do not work) and red are training models which can be pulled open without having to use the key.

When I received these they originally had the basic Yellow security installed. I changed this and put a set of Blue in for added security, since a hinged handcuff is more restrictive and therefore more secure anyway, so I figure I would put one of my sets of high security mechanisms in it.

Very very comfortable handcuffs.

ASP handcuffs are NOT CHEAP, however I wonder if police forces around the world might save more in the long run by using them, in the sense of not having to pay compensation for handcuff injuries, especially in the UK where rigid handcuffs are standard. It's easier to injure someone with rigid cuffs with angular edges than it is with hinged ones with nice rounded edges and easy adjustability options.

ASP handcuffs (other than the blue mechanism) are easy to pick, however all models of mechanisms of ASP handcuffs can have the double lock disengaged easily with a small paper clip and then be shimmed with a thin bit of metal. I feel they could improve this somehow. However police/military/security should be checking someone anyway, so if they do their job, it should minimise anyone having keys or tools on them to try and escape.

Hope you enjoy this!

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