Peerless 730C Superlite Bright Orange EXTREMELY Lightweight Handcuffs [NIJ]

These are the US police Peerless 730 Superlite chain link handcuffs in bright orange. These are the lightest handcuffs I have ever owned. (model 730)

These are fantastic, for lightweight handcuffs. They are NIJ certified, just as safe and secure as regular Peerless chain link handcuffs but way less weight to them.

They have only 1 pawl, as usual, but they work very nicely and many police and security prefer these because it either frees up weight on their belts or lets them carry 2 pairs of cuffs for very little additional weight gain compared to 1 pair of normal handcuffs.

I love the Peerless 730. They feel like toys. If you warm them up in your hands or keep them in your pocket and then hand them to someone, they would swear they are toys and put them on and wonder why they cannot get them off lol. They have a ceramic coating, which helps with the toy-feel, since it does not feel metal like when they are body temperature.



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