Alcyon 15901 High-security transport handcuffs

These are the Spanish Alcyon 15901 High-security transport handcuffs.

I believe they were used in the 1980's for high security transport. I am not sure if general police used them but these are considered a more high security handcuff.

They have the same usual features like double locking, swing-through bows BUT they have also a split 2-pawl system which restricts shimming capability  and in addition to this they have a crunching wheel or cog which prevents a frontal shimming attack  to begin with.

Where I got mine from, they only came with 1 key. While the images on the site showed the usual modern ditch or channel running under the bow teeth for extra physical security against strong people, the pair I received must have been an older model which does not have this added safety/security feature.

All in all not too bad, I quite like them. I did have to do some work to de-gunk them, lubricate, polish and wax polish them as usual :D

These have a different style than my usual Alcyon handcuffs from Spain. I like it. These are probably my only high security handcuffs from Spain so far.



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