Clejuso 9 High Security Chain-link Handcuffs German Police Latest Issue

These are the latest (manufactured in March 2021) Clejuso model 9 German Police Handcuffs. These are the most up-to-date handcuffs used in Germany and are a restricted item in Germany. Fortunately, you can buy them from certain vendors outside of Germany.

These are high security handcuffs, in that they use a very and completely unique double-sided key.

These are built VERY well and have 3 separated pawls. They can be "picked" by using a hook pick to disengage the double lock and then they can be shimmed open. Although someone trying to "escape" if handcuffed properly like a police officer would, it would be very difficult to escape without outside help. But it is possible for a locksporter or hobby picker to help a cuff collector or escapologist get out of the cuffs if they mess something up with their escape attempt, without having to have the key.

Very high quality item and very good level of security. You can even turn the little spinny ward thing in the keyway to make it more difficult for someone to escape even if they have the key in their hand!



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