British Police Hiatt 2103 Speedcuffs Shiny! (surplus ex-police grade, after cleaning/polishing)

These are British Police Hiatt 2103 Speedcuffs in surplus "ex-police" condition. They are in generally good condition (from BritishBobby on eBay) and have the serial number ground off.

I disassembled them, blasted with my usual PMA Brake & Clutch Cleaner, lubricated with WD40 Specialist Dry PTFE , cleaned and polished them with Peek Cleaner (I use "The Pink Stuff" for generally dirty or rusty cuffs) and gave them a Renaissance Wax polish. They are super shiny now! The rags I was using while cleaning and polishing were dirty black. They visibly looked ok, but after cleaning WOW what a difference.

They have 3 pawls, the same usual nice plastic grip. But my god, they rattle like hell though!


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