🎖🔗🇬🇧 JG British Military Faux Backstrap Darby Handcuffs from 1952 (Korean War)

These are the JG (J.G) British military Darby handcuffs from 1952 around the time of the Korean War. They are known as a faux or fake backstrap design, due to how the hinge was designed. A backstrap darby handcuff has a flap of the bow pulled back to make a gap for the hinge, whereas a fake backstrap is visually designed similarly, but it's more of a pronounced hole that is made in the chunkier metal of the hinge area.

These are the most heavy darby handcuffs in my collection. Approximately 55% heavier, 25% wider bow and 20% wider lock tube. These are BEEFY handcuffs indeed! 627 grams! This size is a tad on the smaller than regular and are very tight on me. If I flex my fist while wearing the cuffs, they hurt. But at least they fit enough that I could demo them for you.

They are a fixed bow, non-adjustable handcuff.

I won these on eBay and they had no key. Luckily I had won a bid on a key weeks earlier when I first bought a pair of Darby handcuffs. It did not fit any that I had my eye on but I knew it might come in handy since I wanted a pair of these! As luck would have it, these cuffs showed up and I won, so now I have 1 working key for them 😎 The key number is KE 2770.


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