HIATT 2 M&C (Ministry & Civil) Model 104 Darby Handcuffs Made 1916 (Behind back demo also)

These are a Ministry & Civil (M&C) pair of HIATT Darby handcuffs from 1916 (world war 1). SHINY! They came with no key, but the key from my HIATT BEST pair work fine with these.

These are apparently military, though not used for front-line war purposes. Perhaps they were used by military police or some other domestic purpose. They are not stamped with the crows foot or broad arrow because the M&C was enough to mark them as being Military property at the time.

These are very similar to the previous pair of Police version of these handcuffs, only these are older and still have the chrome plating intact which looks shiny as hell and feel very smooth since waxing them. Truly a nice pair of cuffs.

The seller had listed them with the wrong brand name of "RIATT" but the images clearly showed they were HIATT. So I was the only person who bid on them and I unexpectedly won them for about £25 total which is a total steal at that price!

At the time of writing, these are 105 years old and still work great. I did have to clean a lot of dirt and graphite out of them and then re-lubricate and polish them but once done they are amazing.


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