TKS Type E Patrol British Police Handcuffs {NIJ} Lightweight & Decently Secure

These are the TKS Type E Patrol handcuffs for police use. They were originally made by Latrobe LTH and after the company went bust the patent was purchased by Toye, Kenning & Spencer and continued to be made under their name in the 90's.

I am not sure how wide-spread their use was, because from what I can tell, Hiatt had the market for a long long time. The box says they were designed for "the beat officer" meaning they were for the police officer on the street.

These are very light, at about 190 grams according to the box. Made of aluminium and steel, they are decently chunky, comfortable, smooth edges and are NIJ certified!

These are pretty secure. They have a unique feature where in order to interact with the double locking mechanism, you need to pull on the chain, regardless of whether you are setting the double lock or disengaging it. To engage it you push the button on the side while the chain is pulled.

They have a split 2 pawl system which is hard to pick unless there is ware on the mechanism from use. Mine are almost new condition, seemingly from a collector. My pair came with no keys.

CoxysPicks was instrumental in helping me acquire these and he made 1 key for me. Since then I have made a couple more. So thanks to CoxysPicks. Check his channel out if you are as yet unaware of him, he makes great videos on lock picking and handcuffs!

I really like these handcuffs, very smooth, shiny, a secure mechanism, unique double lock mechanism. Just really cool! These can be escaped from though, as shown in the video, by simply disengaging the double lock and then shimming them open. But they are difficult to pick, when in newer condition.


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