Chicago X55 Handcuffs With 12 Inch Long Chain {NIJ} View Behind Back Also

These are American handcuffs which are NIJ rated. They are Chicago model  X55 with a 12 inch chain. Full distance between the bracelets is about 14 inches. When sourced directly from the US, you can choose the length of the chain you desire or go for the regular X55 handcuffs.

Chicago Handcuffs are very very good quality. They are constructed in Taiwan but with exceptionally good quality and tolerances. They are more secure than even regular Smith & Wesson or Peerless handcuffs.

Chicago handcuffs have a twin pawl bars, meaning someone has to pick both pawls/levers to free the teeth, where most American handcuffs have a single large pawl which makes picking easy. Not only this, the double locking bar is in 2 parts similar to the pawls, so to pick the double lock, it takes more effort and perhaps better tools & techniques.

The reason for the longer chain versions are to accommodate for large people who can't be handcuffed behind back because they can't get their arms behind their back close enough for normal length handcuffs. Also a security guard or police officer etc can grasp the chain and have less contact with the individual, helping to prevent them running away. Also some people use such a handcuff with an elongated chain to connect their wrist to a case, or some reviews have cited they use it at the airport to attach their case to the chair in case they doze off so nobody can grab their case and run.

I REALLY love Chicago brand handcuffs. They are always smooth in tactile feel, amazing in construction and aesthetic design, very very good in quality control as you would expect from any other American company, and I just over all like them. My favourite are the model X22 because of their high security nature requiring a special key. One day I would like to buy another pair of X22 specifically for use in emergencies at home, should the need ever arise. But this will be low priority because I wouldn't be able to get another video out of buying the exact same handcuff model.

I can imagine some kinky couples would like the added length for use in the bedroom, as well as being professionally useful for the niche use with very large individuals.

I am very happy to have a pair of X55 in my collection, as to my knowledge only the X55 and perhaps one other model are officially NIJ rated.


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