Black Box Chinese Handcuffs 04 High Security

These are the handcuffs that The Handcuff Shop sells as his Blackbox handcuffs 04. It is not known exactly what brand and model they are. But you know where to find them if you want to buy a pair. They apparently fit in the Blackbox, which is a box placed over chain-link handcuffs to make them rigid and allow them to be connected securely to a belly chain. I do not have a blackbox.

They are very close to a Yuil handcuff, but they have no anti-shim flaps and unlike Yuil, these have mirrored sides which means the keyholes face the same direction!! Most modern handcuffs have this design. It really bugs me when handcuffs have one keyhole facing your body and one facing outwards, strikes me as unprofessional and lazy since they couldn't be bothered to make two separate bracelet sides. So these are nice in that regard!

They have a decent weight to them, are very shiny but there is a small drawback. The first click or two do not work. The depth of the teeth are not sufficient to get a proper and secure click. But it is unlikely you'd ever need to  have cuffs THAT large anyway. Once you have gotten 3 clicks inwards, they are secure. While they do not open as far as a "superior" or oversized cuff, they do have some more lateral room, to where they are more round, so you can spin your hands around like you can with a TCH 840 speedcuff, which I am unable to do with a standard pair of Peerless or Smith & Wesson.

They are pretty comfortable and the shiny finish adds to the level of comfort I think in some odd way.

Normal keys DO NOT WORK...You must use the keys you get with them, use a Delta Key (from law industries or Oscar Delta), a custom TOOOL Ultimate Handcuff Key or at least cut a split in one of your own keys. *** Correction.... *** BRITISH KEYS DO WORK but standard Peerless and S&W keys do not work. I suppose British TCH keys do not poke out as far... So normal BRITISH keys (and any key which does not poke out too far inside the cuff) will open them according to my experience with these cuffs.

Disengaging the double lock feels a big gritty and I have to turn the key back and turn again sometimes, but over all I do like them. I am looking to get a non-expensive high security pair to keep separately for a SHTF situation, but I am not quite sure if I would want to rely on these to fulfil a role of actually securing a criminal breaking in. They seem that they'd be good, but I have more faith in western handcuffs, even those made in Taiwan/China which have been designed and manufactured adequately to US standards. There's nothing wrong with Chinese handcuffs, but with the fact that this pair has 2 pointless teeth on the pawl, they essentially act as a 1 tooth pawl, when they should have all 3 working... Disappointing.

They are "ok", I just would not want to rely on them in a genuine "I need to secure a criminal" capacity. I'd love to buy another pair of Chicago X22, but sourcing them might be too costly when I can't get another video out of the same pair.



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