Clejuso Model 13 HEAVY DUTY Handcuffs (view behind back also)

These are the Clejuso Model 13 handcuffs. They are HEAVY... about 1KG! They take a larger non-standard key. Normal cuff keys will NOT operate in these handcuffs.

For their bulk, they are pretty comfortable, actually. However only if you use them the right way around. They are not centrally linked completely parallel with each other. They are connected in the middle in such a way that the cuffs turn outwards or inwards in a resting state. One way is comfortable and natural, another is less so.

Normally I press handcuffs down onto the wrist, but this is so far the only model I have to press upwards from under my wrist to apply them.Because the keyway is huge, I felt confident enough to experiment to see if with my larger body type, if I could easily locate the keyway and orient the key inside from behind my back. After enough attempts (with only 1 wrist) I decided this is about the only pair I currently have that I could demonstrate how they look from behind my back.

All in all they are pretty comfortable, but bulky and heavy. I am not sure how they fit into the handcuff grand scheme of things. They are by a known police handcuff manufacturer, they are too heavy for police officers to carry, could be used as a blunt force weapon by the wearer if cuffed in the front. So I am not quite sure where they fit in. Their weight does make them more muscle tiring if you are raising your arms trying to do things, while being more comfortable when your arms are in a normal lower resting position.

They have been featured in scifi movies/shows ( ) because of their unusual futuristic look and bulk. I suppose they could fit well into a bedroom scenario if couples like adding heavy metal accessories into the mix!

They are pickable, including the double lock but it does take a little bit of practise and they are pretty different than even their own other cuffs, let alone "normal" handcuffs so they would have a decent amount of security to them I think.

The double lock is actuated with a press of a button with your finger, which is very quick and convenient. Disengaging the double lock and the single lock is done in one continuous movement, though if only single locked, turning the key the opposite way will temporarily disengage the bow in a normal handcuff style.


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