Winchester WN40 Police Handcuffs [NIJ]

These Winchester WN40 Police Handcuffs are cheap in cost and yet are NIJ rated for genuine police use. These are made from Stainless steel which means they last longer in terms of rusting etc.

A TV show I liked in the US called Supernatural has come to a close having it's last episode aired in the US a couple weeks ago or something. The main character's last name is Winchester. Which I found an interesting, though unrelated, fun correlation :) I just had to have these in my collection haha.

They are made in Taiwain but VERY good quality. Very smooth, have mirrored sides so the keyholes face the same side, which is usually to be expected with high quality proper police handcuffs and they are very smooth in operation.

They have a dual double locking bar for pick resistance and 2 pawl bars. These are very nice handcuffs that are pretty low cost.

They are essentially IDENTICAL to Chicago handcuffs in every way. It is my belief that they are made in the same factory because they are so identical in design and function.

Very recommended cuffs.

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