Vulcan Force Professional Handcuffs from Turkey

These are the Vulcan Force handcuffs from Turkey. Marked as "This item is NOT toy. You are looking at Police & Military Grade Handcuffs" and mentions they are made with carbon steel. In my opinion these are just another half-decent toy version of handcuffs which would work in a pinch to secure someone, though you wouldn't want to bet your backside on someone strong not getting out of them with brute force.

They do not have enough wide-range of sizing to be all that great and the teeth are relatively big. Also the double lock is not as reliable because you have to hit the upper part of it when sliding, else you will see me slide across and think I double locked, when in fact I had not hit the upper corner where the double lock activator is...

They have no ditch in the rotating single strand, meaning they have no inter-locking part that holds on to the arm to prevent a strong person pulling the teeth away from the pawl. And they have a giant open keyway which makes them ideal to go shoving improvised tools like bobby pins and Parker pen clips in there to pick them.

These are ideal as handcuff picking practice cuffs and also they would be ok for toy use or use in the bedroom I suppose. Though I would rather rely on proper well-known brand handcuffs, personally...

Still, these will be decent for practising and perhaps teaching handcuff picking. Normal handcuff keys CAN work, though you need to be careful because since normal keys move around so much since there is no keypost in the keyway, you might get your standard key trapped... If you angle the key to try and get the key's flag as deep into the mechanism (as I show) you can get them to open. Just be careful if you use normal keys with these very "non-normal" handcuffs.

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