Peerless 850C Hinged Handcuffs in Orange [NIJ]

These are Peerless 850C orange hinged handcuffs. As all Peerless products, they are excellent quality police handcuffs. But... Don't attach anyone to a fixed object, because a strong enough person can exert enough force to snap the links between the cuffs and escape. However, when Peerless hinged handcuffs are properly applied to the person with both wrists, they are secure and NIJ rated for actual police use. Never attach anyone to a fixed object using rigid or hinged handcuffs, it is a point of weakness that "could" be exploited to escape.

This model has a larger wrist size capacity, making them better suited to larger individuals. They do close decently small enough, but for any officers arresting minors or people with very thin wrists, you might also want a regular sized pair of chain cuffs. I am not sure if Peerless do a regular sized hinged cuff.

These are orange, though they are a somewhat dull orange. I was half-expecting a bright iridescent high-visibility orange colour, but in actual fact they are a darker orange colour. Still very nice though.

This is the second pair of Peerless hinged I have bought over the years, though I sold my red ones long ago. As with my last one I had to spray my PMA Brake & Clutch degreaser in and on them to wipe excess orange colour off. I have seen some reports on Amazon of people's skin being discoloured. It's not a big task to clean them up though, a quick few sprays, a bit of a wipe with some kitchen roll and you're good to go.

I doubt these hinge links are as strong as TCH or Hiatt hinged, but they are adequate to obtain NIJ rated status, so they should be more than enough, when used properly.

They are smooth in action, have decently strong springs and have a decently tight keyway to add a small amount of frustration to people trying to pick their way out of them.

These are not quite as comfortable as their regular sized handcuffs. I find standard Peerless very VERY comfortable, but these, perhaps due to the more round & larger shape, make them a bit less form-fitting to the wrist. They are not uncomfortable or painful, but just not quite as comfortable as their regular sized cuffs.

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