Yuil CY-2-18 18 Inch Chain Handcuffs

These Yuil CY-2-18  handcuffs have an 18 inch chain attached to them. It is an odd thing, but the fact the chain is so long both is good so an arresting officer or security guard etc can grab the chain and control a suspect. For example preventing them from running away.

The long chain is also more comfortable for larger people, but the downside is it does not restrict movement all that much. It is easy to get your hands from behind your back to over to your front and in theory you could strangle someone with the chain, similar to what happened near the end of the movie Salt. So anyone secured with these handcuffs with a long chain, should never be left alone or assume they are secured.

One good thing is, someone handcuffed with these would not be able to change their upper body clothing to disguise them self and escape.

Even though these are legitimate police handcuffs, because of the long chain length ( there is one which is 24 inches long too.... ) these would be good candidates for people who like to use handcuffs in the bedroom with their significant other, either one pair per arm attached to the corners of the bed's headboard or one pair linked through somewhere on the headboard etc. They'd also be good for handcuff challenges where people are handcuffed together for a certain number of hours, so they are connected but not stuck as close as they would be with normal chain link handcuffs.

All in all, these are an interesting addition to my collection, but they would surely be more of a niche pair for people unless you are just collecting and lock picking as I do.

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