🚨🔗 CTS Thompson Tri-Max Pick & Shim Resistant Handcuffs [NIJ]

CTS Thompson Tri-Max Pick & Shim Resistant Handcuffs

These are a stronger, more secure handcuff that uses standard handcuff keys. They are everything "normal" police handcuffs are, only a bit better.

They have a dividing plate going between the pawls which reaches up into the bow, to help prevent shimming and the keyway is decently tight to help against picking. They are not perfect, I have picked them... But it requires more effort than for example a regular Smith & Wesson pair of cuffs.

These are essentially like Smith & Wesson handcuffs with a little bit more security while still letting normal handcuff keys work in them, for when you do not specifically need "High security" handcuffs which would then require everyone having a special key.

So if you want a better handcuff but you must make sure normal keys work, get yourself a pair of Tri-Max! They are really good quality. I would recommend these as a base standard for law enforcement, especially since I have seen somewhere they are NIJ rated. The technology they talk about is a split rail shackle and pick shield XLS "for pick and bump resistance". I can only guess they defend against the "Whack attack" where you slam the handcuff to force the double lock off at which point you'd shim them. But I have picked these with relative easy with a Parker Jotter pen clip.

Still, pretty much no handcuff is perfect security, they are only temporary restraining devices but these are in a better security category than Smith & Wesson or Peerless.


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