🚨🔗 Chicago Model 1000 Pink Genuine Police Handcuffs (not cheapo toys)

These are police handcuffs from the Chicago brand. Model 1000. These are in pink, as they are the only Chicago standard riveted handcuffs I could acquire in the UK.

People use pink handcuffs either to annoy criminal guys or in solidarity with Breast Cancer. So if you like to donate to causes, there's an idea for you.

These are police grade, though I am unable to ascertain if they have NIJ status at this time. They have all the usual security requirements like double locking, ditches in the single strand jaw etc.

They are made in Taiwan but are clearly quality checked by Chicago (owned by the handcuff warehouse in the US) because they are even nicer quality than UZI handcuffs in my opinion...

They have a dual double locking bar, making properly double locked handcuffs a bit harder to pick open to escape. And they have 2 pawl bars like UZI which also adds some extra security.

Over all, they are very good, cheap (in the US...) police handcuffs. They come in various colours including standard silver, though being in the UK these pink ones were the only ones I could obtain at this time.


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