ASP model 400 Steel Bow with Forged Aluminum Body handcuffs with Green 3 Pawl Euro Security [NIJ]

These are the newer ASP steel bow handcuffs, model 400. They have steel bows compared to the aluminum / aluminium bow that the model 450 has. This adds a bit more weight to the handcuff but I believe adds a slight bit of extra security since if someone were to try and saw them off, it would take longer to saw through steel than aluminium.

They have all the same usual high quality of any other ASP handcuff, though the older polymer overmould models were susceptible to deformation and failure from officers falling onto their cuffs. These new "forged aluminum" models are FAR more robust.

These have the green locks installed, marketed for European use. They have 3 pawl bars instead of 1 chunky one, which makes them slightly more secure.

ASP handcuffs are really good quality, though they could make them more secure. I know handcuffs are a temporary restraint, but All the range of ASP locksets for their handcuffs can allow someone to easily disengage the double lock and then easily shim them. Including the high security blue split 2-pawl model!

These are NIJ certified and while they do cost more money, they have rounded edges and a flat wrist contact point to make them more comfortable to endure being in and minimise chances of injuring people. I would say they are worth it if you value humane restraint. The fact they have keyholes on both sides makes them well suited for easy removal and adds more safety for lockpickers and other users who are experimenting with handcuffs and want to ensure they have access to keyholes no matter which way the handcuffs were put on. The fact that there are keyholes on both sides means if one side had a defect (I doubt it would happen) or someone jammed something in trying to escape, you could always use the other keyhole.

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