UZI Professional Black handcuffs

These are the black UZI professional NIJ certified handcuffs.

UZI do make non-professional models which are cheaper and for toys or "fun times" which lack the security grade of this model.

These have 2 pawl bars, a nice quality black finish and are NIJ rated. Compared to their cheaper model that are not adequate for LEO/SECURITY use, these have proper ditched arms like most modern handcuffs. This means a protrusion in the channel that the arm moves through, sticks out and sits in the groove/ditch in the arm, meaning a VERY strong person cannot just pull outwards and disengage the teeth. These are apparently used by the American Secret Service.

The quality control with UZI is not the best, as they are made either in Taiwan or China, but they do meet the standards necessary for use in law enforcement and are relatively comfortable, actually.

I am glad to have a pair of UZI back in my collection, though most of the other American brands I have had, if not all, had better quality control.

Still, a good NIJ rated pair of handcuffs that get used in America.

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