Nordhandel Oversized Black Handcuffs

These are the non-certified (so not NIJ) model of their handcuffs, in the oversized wrist capacity. Nordhandel is a German security equipment website who sell handcuffs and a myriad of other things.

They sell certified handcuffs (NIJ I assume or similar) and non-certified. These are NON certified.

These are very very cheap at about €17 and I would say are good for practising lock picking or for use by kids, purchased by parents who do not want to spend a lot, but they want them to have something of decent quality and reliability. Of course they could be used in the bedroom also if you are into that.

They have a smooth action and have no sharp edges. The teeth are pretty shallow and so is the ditch in the arm. All in all, they are a good quality non-official pair of handcuffs. I would not trust this particular "non-certified" line of their handcuffs for any professional role where you need to use handcuffs. Go for the "Certified" models or buy a big brand name.

While these are sold in Germany, these handcuffs are made in Taiwan, but the quality is actually very good. These are better in quality control than UZI from what I am seeing. Just lovely!

Eventually I may buy a pair of their certified handcuffs for comparison but that will have to wait.

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