Yuil M-03-1 Korean Rigid Transport Handcuffs (Pretty good security)

This is an interesting pair of Yuil M-03-1 Transport Handcuffs, made in Korea. South Korea to be specific (not the crazy North Korea!) These are the connection ring version of the M-03 model. The purpose of the ring is to create a chain gang environment for prisoner transport so one chain can run through all the cuffs to link the prisoners together. Alternatively it can allow them to be connected to leg irons. However this steel ring can be pressed down when not needed to allow normal grip and application of the handcuffs.

The gap between the wrists is larger and it makes accessing the key holes more difficult. They have a 2 pawl system, though mainly normal keys are able to open the handcuffs.

An interesting aspect of these is they are actually chain link handcuffs, using one very elongated welded chain. The plastic is then bolted on afterwards to provide rigidity from twisting, thus becoming rigid handcuffs. Though if the keyholes are facing out, someone could use a screw driver to undo the screws (normal cross-head screws, nothing fancy) and they could remove the plastic and they would become chain link handcuffs with a larger one single link, which would let people have twisting capability. You can see this in the image I took of them after I disassembled them: https://i.imgur.com/IvNb7XQ.jpg

Over all they are good handcuffs and worthy of being in my collection. It would have been nice if they would have used more secure screws, instead of the regular Philips type. But I do like them. Handcuffs like these should ideally not be applied where the keyholes are facing the hands because they can fiddle with the locks as much as any screws too.

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