🚨🔗 Model 1K70 Chubb Detainer British Prison High Security Chain Handcuffs [NIJ]

These came from the YouTuber called CoxysPicks who has a nice lock picking channel, covering various styles of locks including handcuffs. Check his channel out there!

These Chubb Detainer or Detainee handcuffs are used in British Prisons. They are model 1K70 and were created with 3 different key bittings depending on their usage location. I have the standard key bitting model. They may be phased out in favour of the TCH HSH1 but it is very possible these are still in use.

They use a very good security proper 3 lever Chubb lock which is hard to pick and round chain links that make binding and snapping attacks less likely. They feature both key and switch operated double locking mechanisms and all in all are high security. Normal handcuffs are relatively easy to pick with rudimentary improvised tools, and since these cannot be easily picked, that would explain why they were/are used by the prison service either internally in the prison or during transport between locations (such as between other prisons or court appearances etc.

They are reasonably comfortable and not too heavy but they are quite bulky.

Really nice handcuffs, with a robust and known secure locking mechanism. They can be picked if you know what you are doing and have the tools, but if you know how to pick normal handcuffs, you will never.... ever... pick these with that knowledge!

If you are interested in seeing these picked or opened without a key, check out CoxysPicks youtube channel.


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