🚨🔗 ASP Model 100 Chain Handcuffs 1 Pawl & Polymer exterior for strength and lightweight [NIJ]

These are the older ASP handcuffs, model 100. They have a stainless steel bow and the body of the cuffs has a steel skeleton with an ordnance grade polymer over-molded to ensure weight savings while providing the needed security and strength. These have 1 pawl, indicated by the yellow double lock window. This is the standard model of security mechanism used. It's ok, but I personally think in this day and age, all handcuffs should at least have 3 pawls for added security. It wouldn't need any new keys but would add a bit more protection from picking, essentially for free.

These, like all ASP cuffs I have seen, are more bulky than "standard" metal handcuffs. But they are a little bit lighter (they made an aluminum / aluminium bow version too, the model 150) and have good features like being able to adjust the cuffs tightness using the key and quickly double lock again instead of having to take the key out and activating it separately.

The downside of them being less dense than all-steel construction, is they can bend. If an officer falls over onto his cuffs during an altercation with a suspect, the double strand (the part I squeezed in the video) could get crimed closer together, preventing the handcuffs from being used properly until a second set of cuffs could be acquired to bend them apart again. This is what lead to the newer models with a fully forged aluminium body with no polymer in sight on the exterior.

These are still good cuffs. My pair are ex-police and have the serial and model numbers ground off (a nice job the seller did of it too). I had to disassemble them and give them a good cleaning to remove little rust spots and bits of dirt. Then I gave them a bit of lubricant and they were good as new... well you know what I mean :D

I know these are the steel bow, single pawl version and my model 450 are aluminium bow high security two pawl version, but if you would like a physical comparison video where I show them side by side and look at the differences, please comment and I will consider making a video on them both together.


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