Shomer-Tec Clear Cuff Functional Training Handcuff

This is the Shomer-Tec Clear Cuff. It is a transparent training handcuff to show the inner workings of how handcuffs work. It also helps aid in teaching how to pick handcuffs.

This is the classic 1 pawl bar design, so best replicates American handcuffs. Picking 2 or 3 pawl cuffs (like British police handcuffs by TCH or Hiatt) is not as easy as this because you need to lift all bars at the same time. But it is a good visual aid to help the process of teaching it.

Great for people in the #Locksport community to teach #LockPicking. There's bad guys out there using handcuffs on people too, so knowing about picking handcuffs is a nice thing to be aware of. Escaping handcuffs that a criminal puts you in is NOT a bad thing. Never attempt to escape from actual police else you'll be in a world of trouble.

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