British TCH HSH1 Maximum Security Hinged Transport Handcuffs

This is the high security or maximum security HSH1 handcuffs from TCH or Total Control Handcuffs. Cylinder lock for double locking.

The same as the Hiatt HSS-9 model, these are truly high security. They use the same standard single lock key as most other handcuffs, but the double lock is operated with a separate wafer lock key. As shown you can operate the handcuffs fully while wearing them in the way I have shown, although trying to pick the wafer lock open without having the key will likely prove totally fruitless.

As I understand it, these handcuffs are only used mainly for transport of maximum risk prisoners, the kind of prisoners that have a high probability of being an imminent threat to the public if they were to escape.

They have the usual 3 pawl bars and high over all quality, fit and finish. The differences are the double lock being operated by a separate key type and the backloading is only 1 click, as the pawl teeth are all uniform, rather than being staggered depths as on their normal models. So to double lock you have to give it a good slap from the inside to double lock.


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