Hiatts 1960 Old British Police Handcuffs (No key :S but I still demoed them for you))

These Hiatts 1960 handcuffs are Britain's first swing-through cuffs issued to the police.

Prior to these handcuffs, the British police were mainly using the old "irons" type of handcuffs from way back in the day. These Hiatts 1960 used a round key that is entirely different from today's handcuffs.

They are surprisingly good, for how old they are. They are swing-through, they have 2 pawl bars making picking more difficult and they have a double locking mechanism for safety. While picking the double lock is very easy, getting them unlocked is a bit more of a challenge haha but after a few minutes of trying various items I was able to undo them. Knowing basically how they work, I will be making a key for them eventually.

The tolerances seem very sloppy on the inside, meaning things move around and what not, but that also made it more difficult to open than I was expecting.

Over all, they are very good handcuffs for their age and paved the way to get the British Police familiar with swing-through handcuffs prior to getting the more modern design you are used to seeing.

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