Brifield C2 High Security Handcuffs [NIJ] 3 Separated Pawls, Special Keys!

These are a pair of light weight High Security handcuffs from Brifield model C2. They are good & secure but quality control could be better. From Amazon UK.

These have 3 pawl bars which are separated, in the same way the old Yuil handcuffs used to have 2 separated pawls. This means you must use their special key which is a 3-bitted key. You get 2 keys with each pair of cuffs.

The keys are all solid, unlike most handcuff keys which are hollow. There is no keypost in these, so the keyway goes through both sides to allow key usage from either side.

One side did back-load but this is either a defect which made it happen on one cuff when it is not a feature, or a defect causing one side to not backload.

The edges are not smooth and are a bit uncomfortable, similar to a pair of Alcyon I had a while back.

One thing I pointed out (I pointed downwards) was about the anti-shim protection. If you recall, Yuil handcuffs have two little flaps which are folded over to catch even special split pawls. In these Brifield handcuffs those flaps exist also but are standing up and not folded over, so the way they come from the manufacturer they are useless at adding any extra protection. Maybe they could be bent over by the buyer but I have not done this in case there are issues which made them not do this on purpose.

Over all, I like them, but the quality issues in my case would be a problem for me if I were to desire to use them in a professional setting. They are likely Chinese since I have seen similar models on Chinese marketplace websites. In fact I have since confirmed with the seller that they are Chinese police handcuffs.

They are made with aluminium, so do not lubricate with graphite because graphite and aluminium do not mix well.

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