Comparing Quality & Security of The cheapest handcuffs In 3 Quality Brackets

A video comparing quality and security of the cheapest handcuffs I could get in 3 different brackets, ranging from garbage, ok, good.

The first black pair of garbage single locking metal "toy" handcuffs cost about £4.

The second pair, the pink ones, are of medium/ok quality and cost about £9.

The last black pair are GOOD quality, genuine Spanish police handcuffs and cost about £23

The first handcuffs are single locking only, which makes them unsafe, even for children because if someone falls over while wearing them, their wrists could get crushed when the handcuffs get tighter immediately. Plus the metal is thin and would cut into them easier than thicker handcuffs. Also as far as security, the chain link swivels are total trash and the chain links are not welded so could be pulled open with some average adult strength.

The grade that the pink handcuffs came in was, I would say decent. They are double locking, although the double lock is not as definitive when engaging as many other better models of handcuffs. The metal is thicker and I was unable to bend the double strand with my fingers, which is good. Although there are no ditches in the rotating arm. The purpose of ditched "jaws" (as they are referred to) is to ensure that someone who is very strong, cannot pull outwards and pull the teeth of the "jaw" away from the teeth on the pawl bars on the inside of the handcuff. These pink ones lack that feature. So they are an averagely good non-professional model of handcuff that should be safer to use for people. Normal handcuff keys cannot be guaranteed to work with the pink handcuffs because they lack a larger internal space between the two cheek plates, so you need smaller keys. But you get 2 keys with them.

The last pair are a genuine black pair of Spanish Alcyon handcuffs. They are made with thick carbon hardened steel and can make use of normal handcuff keys. They have ditched jaws for higher security from strong people, the swivels are strong, On chain link versions the chain links are welded for strength, while this model I have has a "universal joint" which has a bit more resiliency than a chain link model. These also have 2 pawl bars, that is 2 sets of teeth on the inside of the handcuff for extra security.

So I leave this to you to decide if you buy handcuffs what you want to spend your money on. I recommend you buy as good of a quality as you can afford, for the purposes you need them for. I do not recommend young children use metal handcuffs of any kind and for more mature children, make sure they have a real pair and know how to use the double locking mechanism.

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