🚨 American UZI Professional Handcuffs [NIJ]

These are the UZI Professional Handcuffs and are fully NIJ certified. Manufactured for UZI by CampCo.

These are from the famous UZI company. Yes the weapons company UZI. They do have the main features you would expect for professional law enforcement LEO use handcuffs such as double locking and ditched jaws to ensure a strong person cannot pull the arm away from the pawl teeth etc. They even have 2 pawl bars, opposed to how most US handcuffs have one single big lawp. So that is a nice thought to added security from picking and shimming. However the quality of these is similar to that of the Chinese high security handcuffs I overviewed a while back.

Quality of these is sub-standard in my opinion. The swinging arms are not perfectly aligned and sometimes "clink" stop when trying to press them onto the wrist (seen in section 2 demo section of the video) and they swing open because the teeth never engaged because the arm clipped the edge of the cheek place of the handcuff. Their keys have a cheap generic look as well as scuff marks. Even on the handcuffs themselves there are manufacturing scratches and scuff marks. Then on top of that, the double locking pin access on the side of the handcuffs are protruding outwards which makes double locking them more difficult. There should be a bit of a dent where your pin on the handcuff key easily slides into, at which point you press the double lock inwards. But since it sticks out, unless you aim the key 100.00% accurately, the key's double locking pin will slip off the handcuff and miss the "hole" which is not a hole. You will see what I mean on the video.

Over all, they have the features needed by professional but unless you buy 10 pairs of them to find one really good quality pair and send the other 9 back, I would not bother. The only good thing about these handcuffs are the features + the lower price. If you can go with another brand, I would. Pay the extra little bit of money and get better quality.

Edit: Even though they were in a sealed plastic bag, there was some rust around the chain's swivels and surrounding area of the body of the handcuff. After some work, I was able to remove 97% of the rust and after some oil around the swivels and the inner locking mechanism, everything works smoothly, even the double lock, which before oiling was extremely difficult to disengage as the video demonstrated.

These cost €27.90 not including delivery costs. Domestically in the UK I can buy a top notch quality pair of TCH model 800 handcuffs for €30.33 (currency converted for the TCH from GBP on the day of uploading this video)

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