🚨 Smith & Wesson M100-1 Chain Linked US Police Handcuffs [NIJ]

These are a pair of US Police Smith & Wesson M100-1 chain link handcuffs. High quality.

These are a popular brand and model of handcuffs that are used by American law enforcement. They are high quality but are not high security. They have tight tolerances which is good, however since they only have 1 pawl bar, a thin enough shim has an easy job to do and since there is 1 pawl bar it means picking can be done relatively easy with the simplest of devices, such as a bobby pin aka hair grip.

That said, they are wonderfully manufactured, look great, are relatively comfortable for people to wear and do the job they are intended to do. Temporarily secure people. Any self-respecting police officer would do a search for hidden keys and what not prior to proceeding with transportation of the prisoner any way.

I can recommend them.

A similar brand you can check out on my channel is Peerless. Peerless do also wonderful handcuffs that are comfortable, extremely well made and also are slightly more secure than these Smith & Wesson due to the position and angle of the keyway. Pick locking tools would have farther to turn inside the mechanism before unlocking, making them a tad bit more secure. Both are high quality and very nice though.

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