Don't get your new hinged or folding rigid handcuffs stuck on your arm like this!

Many people this Christmas will have gotten handcuffs. Hinged? Folding Rigid? Handcuffs stuck on one arm ? You may not have the tool to save both you and the cuffs!

In order to not have to resort to cutting the handcuffs off and destroying them, you will need a handcuff shim, which you may not have. It is a strong but thin piece of metal that you force into the pawl area, tighten the cuff one or two clicks while pushing in the shim further, in order to hold the shim in while pulling open the arm of the handcuff.

Best thing is to never ever prank anyone by locking a pair of hinged handcuffs on one person's single arm unless you are sure the keyholes are facing on the outside. Folding rigid handcuffs like Hiatt speedcuffs or TCH 850 only can fold with the keyholes facing inwards.

Be careful.

You could try cutting up a beer can and folding a thin strip in half to double the thickness and try and use that as a shim but there's no guarantees it will be strong enough to not get dented by the pawl bars teeth.

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