Peerless 730 (730C) Superlite Aluminium US Police Handcuffs [NIJ]

These Peerless 730 Superlite, are exactly that. SUPER light weight. They feel like toys, if it weren't for the cold feel of the metal.

These are very string, NIJ certified handcuffs which are used by US police personnel who want to lighten the load on their duty belts. I have seen forums where officers have swapped from carrying one pair of heavy handcuffs and instead carry 2 pairs of these due to their very low weight. They weigh 147 grams if I recall correctly, even lighter than the last Yuil handcuffs I overviewed.

These scream high quality from every angle. The finish is a nice grey matt (can come in black finish too). The fit and tolerances are perfect.

I would highly recommend these handcuffs if weight is an issue and you still need strong high quality chain-link handcuffs.

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