Blueline Model 500 Chain-link (KF100N) Chinese Police Handcuffs

These Blueline model 500 handcuffs are made in China, but to a decent quality standard, a cheaper TCH alternative.

I had to buy these. They looked very very much like TCH820 large handcuffs design (with similar wrist capacity as TCH/Hiatt speedcuffs) in a low price. Now the price has gone up to about £15 I noticed, but still a decent price. I would pay anything maybe up to £18 for these.

The quality is not bad on these chain-link cuffs and the function is perfect, with the exception that the bow does not have perfect tight-tolerance alignment with the channel it has to pass. This leads to a similar effect as my previous Yuil video, where the handcuff does not positively engage on the first slap of the wrist.

But, all in all, they are seemingly decent cuffs. It would be nice if they were finished a bit better because they can dig into you a bit unless you use a fine file/sand paper/sharpening stone to smooth out the harsher edges. They are not "SHARP" but they are non-rounded, if you know what I mean.

I am happy to have these Blue line handcuffs in my collection.

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