Alcyon Pro-Cuff 5050-RB Black Spanish Rigid Handcuffs

These Alcyon Pro-Cuff 5050-RB are made in Spain and have some pros and cons to them.

Firstly, they are a normal sized handcuff, which means they still fit the majority of people and will not let people spin the handcuffs as easily. This means it is more difficult, painful or impossible to swap your hands position, when handcuffed in a stack, in order to get access to a keyhole. This of course also means they will not fit people with abnormally large wrists (perhaps very muscularly built people and very overweight people.

Related to the normal size of the wrist capacity, they are more restrictive in movement. When handcuffed in front, palms together, you cannot (at least I, with my weight) am not able to get my hands close to my body in comfort, due to the more restriction. In this regard TCH840 rigid handcuffs are more comfortable, with TCH850 folding rigid being the best.

Also, the sloppy tolerances inside the mechanism, means there appears to be an accidental backloading capability by 1 click. This initially sounds like a benefit, until you realise that the final proper click, a click where it is still secure and not freely rotating, is not double-lock capable. If you double lock the final click, the handcuffs will over-close and freely rotate, causing a health and safety issue for people with small wrists who fall over while in the handcuffs. Nothing would stop their weight going onto the cuffs and crushing their wrist bones etc. I believe better tolerances (preventing all pawl bar movement when double locked) would solve this. I recommend Alcyon do this asap for safety reasons as well as added security reasons.

Over all, I do like them, they are an interesting diversion away from TCH rigid handcuffs. But they could do better. Also there are somewhat sharp edges on the fibreglass outercover which could be smoothed prior to installation on the handcuff.

Also, in regards to tolerances, the lateral unintentional movement of the rotating arms is kind of sloppy. One side of my cuffs is chipped by repettative use. This is because the arm rotates and has enough freedom of movement that it can land on the metal cheek plate, to the side of the channel where it should pass through. But when it hits this, it both stops the handcuff from positively interacting with the pawl's teeth and also chips away the metal, leaving a shiny silver dent where some metal is missing.

Here is a look at what they look like when you remove the plastic: The central bar is part of the middle of the both cuff bracelets, it is one solid piece running from side to side.

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