Rivolier 03045 (Modele: 2016) Latest High Security Prison & Police Handcuffs From France

These are the very latest high security handcuffs used by the French prison system and for transporting high risk prisoners, also by some French police officers.

They have two types of keys. A standard style barrel key, although it is far too massive for any normal handcuff key to fit, then there is a second key that they call a pin tumbler lock. I suspect this second key is actually a wafer lock based on visual inspection, regardless, this second key operates the double lock and makes these handcuffs exceptionally secure.

Hands are horizontal instead of vertical as you would expect with typical handcuffs. This makes manipulating the keys more difficult due to the awkward movement that is possible as well as makes the fit of the handcuffs more exact and thus secure, due to the shape being more natural to that of human wrists.

Similarly to the Ralkem Alfa-Proj cuff I previously reviewed, when you unlock the cuff in single lock mode, the bow gets very slightly tighter before it releases. This is less pronounced than the Alfa-Proj but still, be careful not to over-tighten them to ensure effective and painless removal of the handcuffs.

They are light weight too, made of aluminium with some parts being made of steel. I believe they weigh about 300 grams.

They do have some ridges to help prevent shimming but with my windscreen wiper blade with my bend in it (to make it follow the curve of handcuffs) was able to successfully shim them open while single locked of course.

You get 2 double locking keys and only one standard barrel key. Normal handcuff keys are FAR too small to ever fit into these cuffs, so buy extras, I got mine from cuffsland.

If someone is secured with these handcuffs in the double lock mode, it is almost impossible for someone to escape unless they have actual keys.

If you would like me to make a video demonstrating manual/self application and removal of the cuffs in double locked mode, please let me know and when I get chance I will demonstrate both locking mechanisms being applied and removed without needing anyone to do it for me.

Here is an image of a similar model of cuff in use on a former militant of the French far-left group Action Directe, on his way to prison: http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/former-militant-of-the-french-farleft-group-action-directe-georges-picture-id98541174

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