Peerless 700C Chain-linked US Law Enforcement (Police etc) Handcuffs [NIJ]

All American Peerless 700C Chain-linked handcuffs, used by Police and Prison systems. Unboxing & demonstration.

These are exceptionally high quality handcuffs. Built very well and look great. They do catch fingerprints and smears on them which can make them look less attractive but when cleaned up they are stunning.

They can backload by a single click, they have a good strong double lock feature and work nice and smoothly.

Peerless are some of the most comfortable non-lined handcuffs I have ever tested. I do not know what it is but they make very good handcuffs. In fact, Peerless invented this design of handcuff a long time ago and now almost ever major handcuff in use in the world today uses this same swing-through design.

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