Clejuso Model 11 Police Handcuffs of Germany

These are Clejuso model 11 German police handcuffs. Mixed opinions on these...

They are used by German police forces and according to their site, all over the world. My first thoughts were a nice interesting visual design, which then turned into a feeling that they were cheapo handcuffs. Now I have come to realise there are indeed good as well as bad points on these handcuffs as I will detail.

Before we get to the good and bad sections, here's a fun fact: I have tried several brands of handcuff key in these handcuffs. TCH/Hiatt won't fit, Smith & Wesson won't fit, Peerless won't fit. The only keys that I have which fit and operate the handcuffs (aside from the proper Clejuso keys they come with) are ASP and Alcyon. As well as my own special TOOOL specification modified smith & wesson keys, which their very purpose is to be as compatible with the widest array of handcuffs known to man or beast.

The Good:
• They are comfortable. Not quite as comfortable as Peerless, but they are pretty damn comfortable to wear, of course as long as they are not over-tightened.

• The open design has shown me that if you used a handcuff key from another brand that is not tall enough on the bit (the bit does not poke out from the key far enough) which would normally lead to a dead-locked key that is permanently stuck in the lock, with these handcuffs you could likely continue to turn the key and just go around again or remove the key as nothing seems to block it. I tested this by turning one key in the wrong direction and pressing the pawl down, which caused the key to rotate in the opposite direction towards being pulled out easily.

• There is a button in order to double lock the handcuffs. It is crucial to double lock handcuffs in order to both prevent easy opening of these handcuffs (especially THESE which you can drive a tank up in there to open them) and also ensure the handcuffs cannot accidentally (or on purpose to blame the arresting officer for abuse) tighten and cause injury to the person who is wearing the handcuffs.

• They are made in Germany, so I hope the usual German manufacturing means that they are of sound and strong secure capability. I can only hope, given my findings so far, detailed in the "Bad" section...

The bad:
• There is no ditch on the rotating arm. The purpose of a ditch is that a protrusion in the body of the cuff slides through it as the cuff is placed on the wrist. If someone is really strong and pulls outwards, without the ditch they may be able to pull the teeth of the cuff out of the internal pawl's teeth and free them self from the handcuffs. The ditch ensures that this force will be shared with the protrusion in the cuff which is lodged into a ditch inside the rotating arm. These handcuffs have no ditch. The only "possible" saving grace is they are chunkier laterally, meaning there is more metal horizontally that the person would need to put force against. Maybe this will help in the absence of the ditch.

• There is only 1 pawl bar and it is very thin, meaning they may tolerate less force being put on them, causing the handcuffs to break and allow a strong person to free them self. Maybe.

• The pawl tolerances are pretty high, in that there is SO MUCH ROOM at the base of the cuff when placed on a wrist, that you could drive a tank up in there to unlock them if they are not double locked. I shoved a big heavy duty bobby pin or hair grip in there and shimmed the handcuffs open.

• The outer sandwiches of metal are somewhat thin. Thin enough that I can pinch hard and bow them closer together. This leads me to believe someone could pry the two sandwiches apart and essentially smash open the handcuff to free them self.

• You can tell they are made cheaply because there is a lot of open areas in the handcuff. This lead you see the inside workings (which is interesting) and they only have 1 handcuff mould and use it for both sides. This leads to one key hole facing the front and one facing the back, instead of both holes being on the same side. This is a classic cheap tactic as they do not need to design and separately manufacture a mirrored handcuff bracelet for the other side. Most big name cuffs have a properly mirrored side. These do not.

• They smell like gun metal, like an old west toy cap gun I had as a child. Just horrible. Possibly due to the different kind of metal used in the middle of the handcuffs.

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