Alfa-Proj 9923 (Ralkem) Handcuff [NIJ]

This Alfa-Proj 9923 is a single handcuff attached to a long chain that is designed to be attached to a case of some kind or...

Can be attached to an immovable object like benches or the fixed bar on some tables in interview/interrogation rooms used in US law enforcement to ensure the person does not escape.

They are extremely extremely smooth and hardly any effort is required to ratchet the arm, which makes double locking these cuffs during use even more important to prevent accidental tightening, which tightening these cuffs too far is a very very very bad idea as I am about to explain.

When you turn the key to unlock these cuffs, the handcuff tightens by 1 click in order to release the handcuff. So if you tighten them on the wrist too much, there is no room left for them to get any tighter which means they could be stuck on the persons wrist and with the force needed to try and unlock them, end up snapping the key inside the lock. So always ensure there is a little bit of movement possible to enable them to be removed.

The locking mechanism has a ward requiring their own special key with a double bitted end. You only get 2 keys and if you plan on using them I would recommend you try to source extra keys (cuffsland has some).

They have shim protection as well. There is a dip to catch shims as well as tight tolerances. I have been unable to shim with any shim I have, including a super thin shim. So I would call these somewhat high security. Although once you know what the key looks like you can bend a paperclip and eventually get them open.

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